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Why Beer Drinkers Like You Should Use a Wooden Mug

Wooden mugs are becoming increasingly popular among beer drinkers because they offer a rugged, one-of-a-kind feel that is manly yet fun. Here’s why you should enjoy your next pint in a mug carved from mother nature.

Reason 1: Variety of Styles

Whether it’s an oak, mediaeval, or retro variant, you can have custom engraving done on them to suit your or the recipient’s sense of taste and style!

Aside from the other materials mentioned previously, boxes can be made of many different types of wood, including oak, cherry, and many others. These different types of wood can also be used to make different mugs. 

Ultimately, what’s great about these mugs is that they are all unique due to the different wood grain patterns. No two mugs are the same, so you can always find one that speaks to you. They make great gifts for beer lovers too!

Reason 2: Reusability

Some drinkers avoid wooden mugs since they’ve incorrectly judged them to give your beer an off flavour if left in the mug for too long. It is erroneously assumed that beer can pick up flavours from the wood, which may not be desirable. Thus, they say any beer purist should clean it thoroughly after each use.

These judgments couldn’t be further from the truth! Manufacturers of beer mugs have considered this issue and taken steps to prevent it. They make mugs with wood on the outside and stainless steel on the inside, a material perfect for a drinking vessel because it is easy to clean and won’t absorb liquids.

Thus, the stainless steel insert proves there is no need to worry about bacteria growth. Drink your beer and enjoy it all night. When done, clean the mug insert, so there’s no bacteria growth. You can keep using your mug for years as long as you clean it properly.

Reason 3: Customisability

Wooden mugs are not unique; they are also beautiful and have different grains. They are also an excellent option to give as a gift, especially when paired with custom engraving!

Options for this customisation include:

  • Printing the person’s name: One way to make a mug more personal is to engrave it with a name or nickname. This makes the mug a more thoughtful and memorable gift.
  • Placing the recipient’s favourite quote: Do they have any favourite quotes? If so, put one of these on a mug for them! They’ll love being reminded of their favourite saying every time they have a cup of coffee.
  • Marking an important date: If you want to add a personal touch to an anniversary or special occasion gift, you can add the dates to the mug. You can be creative and add Roman numerals to make the dates stand out.
  • Incorporating a design or logo: You can add any design you want with a wooden mug! Whether you want to show your love with a heart or support your favourite team with their logo, you can do it all on a wooden mug. You can add text to your design to make it even more unique.


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