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4 Advantages of Customised Engraved Pens as a Great Gift Idea

Finding the ultimate corporate gift for an executive can be tricky, but you can never go wrong with a customised engraved pen. A doctor, lawyer or even politician must sign documents, and the right pen makes a lasting impression on recipients.

Digital computer technology can be used to direct the intricate design of a pen with the laser beam of a laser engraving machine. Since the design is engraved directly into the pen’s metal, it will last forever. 

This method is faster than traditional engraving, which uses a handheld technique in which marks are made with bruins. Also, laser cutters can cut out any shape from a flat or curved surface.

Gifting Customised Engraved Pens

With the advance in precision laser engraving technology and the fall in the price of high-quality generic and branded metal pens, these personalised gifts are no longer just for the elite. Today, engraved metal pens are given out frequently in: 

  • Business meetings 
  • Deal signing ceremonies 
  • Christmas Graduations 
  • Weddings 
  • Conferences and Events 

Nowadays, a once-executive gift has been catapulted into a mainstream giveaway. This can be done by increasing the cost of the standard print on plastic promotional pens over a slight amount, allowing businesses to signify the recipient’s importance with an engraved metal pen.

This is especially useful for businesses close to converting high-value prospects and those with high-value customers.

Advantages of Choosing Laser Engraving as Gifts

1. Long-Lasting

The engraved image in laser engraved pens is permanent since the engraving is etched out by the burning action of the laser beam. That makes it less susceptible to scratching from coins and keys, which can etch away at them in a short amount of time.

2. Cheap Cost for Bulk Orders

Promotional pen sets or bulk orders are made possible due to a more straightforward computerised laser engraving process. While custom engraving can be done individually and per piece, promotional pen sets or bulk orders are more practical.

The process also requires less time than traditional pad printing, making it less expensive to produce large quantities of engraved products.

3. You Can Engrave Any Text or Logo

Below is a list of elements that can be engraved on a pen with laser engraving.

  • Text – bespoke name, business name, phone number, social media details
  • Logo – if the recipient is a business, you can have their logo engraved for proper branding
  • Fonts – While there is no limit to the fonts that can be used, some fonts are not suited for engraving in full capital letters in cursive fonts are not usually recommended.

4. Specific Style and Location of Engraving in Pens

Customers can choose the position and style of the engraving on metal pens. Typically, they are engraved either in the cap or the barrel. You can ask for expert advice to guide you to the best location.


Whether you are thinking of gifting an individual or planning gifts as giveaways, engraved pens are definitely an excellent gift idea! They are long-lasting, relatively cheaper and highly customisable. 

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